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Network Issues

Overseas Connectivity (Resolved)

Affecting Other - Whole Network | Priority - High

[15th March 2014] Currently we are investigating the packet losses from USA and some european countries. We target to have a solution plan within 2 weeks time.

[16th March 2014] Datacenter network engineer is investigating the issue, we are working on a backup plan to solve the problem.

[18th March 2014] Problems have been fixed. There has been a attack from inside out within the network at the datacenter.

Date - 11/03/2014 15:35 - 19/03/2014 16:34
Last Updated - 19/03/2014 16:34

Network Outage (Resolved)

Affecting System - | Priority - Critical

Dear Customer

At 22/11/2010 16:00, we have received notification from datacenter that it is being attacked by a group. Apparently the engineer is working on the problem and target to resume as soon as possible. Geeks ticket system will remain online as it is located outside of Hong Kong to prevent similar problems

We will update once there is any news regarding to this issue

Best Regards

Geeks Concepts

Date - 22/11/2010 16:14 - 28/08/2011 12:39
Last Updated - 22/11/2010 16:14

Hutchison ISP connectivity (Resolved)

Affecting Other - Network 202.123.79.X | Priority - Low

We are reported that there has been a unstable connectivity during 6PM - 8PM each day from Hutchison. As it happens during that time, we will have our team monitoring at 5PM - 8PM on the 17th and 18th to trace the problems. Estimating will fix by 19th Nov 2009.

Date - 17/11/2009 01:21 - 18/11/2009 22:04
Last Updated - 17/11/2009 01:21

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